Belt Size Charts

women belt size If you’re shopping for a new belt, especially online, it’s important to understand how belts are sized.  Finding the right size belt can be a little tricky, since belts are sized differently than pants.  However, with a little measuring and the right size chart, you can make sure your purchase fits perfectly.

Understanding Belt Sizing

Although it seems like your belt size should be the same as your pants size, this isn’t the case.  Keep these important facts in mind as you shop:

Because you need extra material to go over your clothing and have a small amount of the belt leftover, belts are typically two inches larger than your waist or hip size.

  • Belts are sized to the middle hole, and there are usually five holes on a belt.  This means that you have quite a bit of flexibility regarding the size you purchase.
  • In the United States, belts are measured in inches.  However, most European countries measure belts in centimeters.

Three Ways to Find Your Belt Size

Measuring Yourself

Measuring your own waist or hip circumference is the most accurate way to find your belt size.  Here’s how to do it:

Put on a pair of pants that fits well and represents what you plan to wear with the belt.

  1. Take a flexible measuring tape and thread it through the belt loops as you would a belt.  Be sure you have the tape measure at the level on your waist or hips where you plan to wear the new belt.
  2. Note your waist/hip circumference.  Add two inches to this measurement to determine your belt size.

 Measuring Your Existing Belt

Men's belt size
If you already have a belt that fits well, measuring it can be an easy and effective way to find your size.  Here’s how:

Lay your belt on a flat surface, making sure the buckle isn’t folded.  Orient the belt so the buckle is at the left.

  1. With your measuring tape, measure from the far left end of the buckle to your favorite belt hole.
  2. Purchase a belt that is this same length or slightly longer.

Using Your Pants Size

Although this method isn’t quite as effective as actually measuring yourself or your belt, it can work well for most men’s sizes and some women’s size.

Find a pair of pants that fit you well and have a numerical, waist-based size, such as 26 inches or 38 inches.  Add two inches to this waist size to find the appropriate belt size.

Universal Belt Size Charts

Every brand is a little different, so the best way to know your belt size for sure is to take your measurements.  However, these size charts can provide guidelines about the size of belt you should purchase.

Size Chart for Men’s Belts

Numerical Belt Size 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
General Belt Size XS S M M L L XL XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
Waist Circumference (inches) 26.5-28 28.5-30 30.5-32 32.5-34 34.5-36 36.5-38 38.5-40 40.5-42 42.5-44 44.5-46 46.5-48
Length of Existing Belt (inches) 28-30 31-32 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40 41-42 43-44 45-46 47-48 49-50

Size Charts for Women’s Belts

Numerical Belt Size 28 28-30 31-32 33-35 36-37 38-39 40-42
General Belt Size XS/Petite S M L XL 2X 3X
Dress/Pants Size 0-2 4-6 8-10 12 14-16 18-20 22-24
Waist Circumference (inches) Up to 26 26-28 28-30 31-33 34-35 36-37 38-39
Length of Existing Belt (inches) Up to 28 28-30 31-32 33-35 36-37 38-39 40-41

Getting the Perfect Fit

Taking the time to measure yourself and find your corresponding belt size can ensure the perfect fit for this important accessory.  You’ll look great in your new belt, and you’ll know your size in case you need to order more in the future.

See European Belt Sizing and Conversion

194 thoughts on “Belt Size Charts

      1. If you wear a size 32 in pants, you could order a size 80 but Ferregamo recommends that you purchase a size or two larger than your waist size such as an 85 or 90.

  1. Hi Carol,
    While some companies don’t make women’s belts in your size, don’t despair — You can find cute women’s belts to fit you.

    I suggest you try the belts at Lane Bryant that come in a size 26/28 – according to their size chart, those should fit you. Here is an example:

    Alternately, try shopping at Torrid for a size 4 belt – they have a lot of cute options:

    This is definitely an accessory where you’ll find that plus size designers and retailers are making products more suited to your needs.

  2. I have a son , 11years old. His waist is 28″. What size of big/little kid belt should I buy? The sizes are m, l and exl. This is very confusing. Please advise.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Maneerat,
      It depends on what brand you are talking about as every brand sizes differently. However, it is most likely that in children’s sizes he will need the XL in a belt as he is getting toward the top end of children’s sizing and will be ready for young men’s sizes soon.

  3. I wear a size 22 skirts I am trying to find a running belt they gave this number 50-120 cm can you explain that to me or will I be able to set it.

  4. well im a size 42 in mens , but i found a belt by the size of 42/100 and i don’t really know what that means. could you explain what size that means? thank you

    1. Hi Cesar, good question! The 100 is a European size in centimeters. So, you would look at the 42 for the size and the 100 is the same size, just in Euro measurement.

    1. Hi,
      It would probably be big for you – it is meant to fix an approximately 36″ waist and if you wear 34 jeans, you probably have a waist closer to 32″.

    1. Hi Brittnee,

      If you wear a 34 belt size in women’s you would also wear a 34 in men’s which would be a men’s medium.

    1. Hi,
      Coach sizing tends to run a little smaller than the average brands represented in our chart, so you will probably be fine with a 2xl in Coach.

  5. Hi Ann, I am a size 36 to a 38 in some pants
    if I took a size 120cm which is how this place sells them would that be o.k or should I go with a size 125cm. when I read about how you size, whenever I have ever looked for a belt if I look at a size 36 or 38 belt they never fit. I always have to take a 40,42 or 44 in Canada.
    am I safe with either a 120cm or 125cm

    1. Hi Tom,

      Your belt size will always be larger than your pants size. So, if you wear a 36 or 38 pant in US sizes, you would wear a size 38 or 40 in most US belts. So, you should probably be looking for a 102 – 107 cm belt.

    1. Hi Carlos,

      You would need a 46 or 48 in most designer belts. That would be a 2XL or 3XL in alphanumeric sizing.

    1. HI, if you wear a 38 in pants, your belt size would usually be a large, usually size 39 or 40 in inches. In centimeters that would be 102 cm.

  6. I’ve seen a Hermes belt that I like it is a size 72 and I’m a size 36 but I wear a size 38 belt what is a size 72cm?

    1. A size 72cm belt (often used for Euro sizing) would be equivalent to a size 29 belt. A 90 cm belt is equivalent to a size 36 US.

    1. Hi Nik,
      Thanks for stopping by. A 90 cm belt would be too large for you – more appropriate for someone who wears a 33-34 in men’s jeans. You should look for a belt in the 81-84 cm range for a better fit.

  7. I’m confused. I am female, and according to this chart, I am a medium in women’s but a large in men’s? How can that be? My waist circumf. is 34.5 (size 8). I like the look of men’s belts, so if I want to order one online, would I order a large or numerical size 38? That just seems like it would be too big. My husband gets large size and they are way too big for me. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Good question – letter sizes in belts span multiple numeric sizes and are going to be far less precise than a numeric size. So, you’ll notice that the “Large” has a pretty wide range. When you are very close to the border of a size delineation, such as your waist is for men’s belt sizing, you may need to go up or down a size for the “right” fit. A medium in most men’s brands will probably be fine for you, but you will get your best fit in a numeric size as it will be more precise.

  8. i want to buy my friends from Switzerland custom made belts. They are western style with their names on them. They gave me their size in cm, european measurment 110 cm and 115 cm. What would that calculate out to in the US belt size ?

    1. 110 cm equals approximately 43 inches which is an XL in most brands and 115 cm is about 45 inches which is a 2XL or XXL in many brands. You’ll want to check the size chart for that particular brand of belts though.

    1. Hi,
      For a boy wearing a size 8 regular boys jeans, he will probably need a 26″ belt. That would be a boy’s medium in most brands, including Old Navy, Gap, Dockers.

    1. Hi Jose,

      Louis Vuitton sizes their belts in centimeters. In cm, that is 116-117, so you would wear a 120 cm size belt. Unfortunately, the Louis Vuitton website only shows men’s belts going up to a maximum size of 110 cm, so you will probably do better with another brand. Gucci offers belts in this size as does Ferragamo, just to name a couple.

    1. To find a man’s belt size from his pants size, you add 2 inches to the waist measurement. So, he would need a 38-40 inch belt. However, it is far more accurate to actually measure his waist and provide that measurement to your belt maker.

    1. Hi David, What brand is using that sizing? We’re not familiar with that, because most Euro sizes are in CM and usually range 80-120 cm in sizing and that sounds more like inch sizing.

  9. Hey I just wanted to know what size belt I would need get because I wear a size 44 jeans and I am planning on buying a Ferragamo belt but it just says 115 cm would that fit my size ?

  10. Hi there. I’m confused as to what belt size I would actually get because I wear a size 30 jeans, but I measured an old belt from how I wear it comfortably and it’s 36 1/2. If I were to use the number on my jeans, I should get 32, but if I go by the belt measurement then I should get a 38.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Several things could be affecting this discrepancy. First, remember that belts usually have a lot of leeway to accommodate different sizes – that is why they have multiple holes/sliders etc. So, you may happily be wearing an overlong belt. Also, an older belt may have stretched over time (as do jeans). It also depends on whether you wear low waisted or high waisted jeans and belts. And of course different brands vary in measurement and precision.
      For best results, I’d suggest measuring your waist to see what size you really are. Don’t have a tape measure? you can print one out here:

      But, if you want to go off your measurements, I’d order a 32. If you want it to be on the long side, try a 34 or 36, but I don’t think you’d want to go any larger than that.

    1. Hi Nina,
      Ideally, you’d get a 31-32 inch belt in men’s. A lot of Gucci belts are sized in cm – look for an 80cm belt.

    1. Hi Kyrell,

      The sizes you are mentioning are in centimeters. However, it sounds like the belt you are looking at only has larger sizes. In european / centimeter sizing you’d need a 90 in a belt.

  11. If i wear a 27 inch waist jeans what. Would be my belt size. I found tjis beautiful belt, however it is 40″. Can i adjust to git mee?

    1. Hi Sabrina,
      You would normally wear a 28 or 30 belt, so that is going to be WAY too large for you.Depending on the belt design, you might be able to get a shoe repair shop to shorten it for you and add additional holes.

  12. Hi I am dabbling in leather and would like to make a couple of hip fashion belts for my friends but I do not know their sizes. Can you advise what I can do for this? Thanks

    1. Hi Dan,
      You’d really need to either know their approximate sizes or waist measurement for proper fit. You can allow some leeway with extra holes, but you don’t want the belt to be either too short or way too long.

  13. hi my daughter is a size 5 in juniors pants sometimes a 7 if they run small I want to order her a michael kors belt what size should i get her small says 31 and med 34

    1. Hi, a small would probably fit her; it might be a little bit large, but most belts have enough holes that should not be an issue.

  14. I wear a 30-31 in us jeans I just recently purchased a moschino belt in a Italy size 44 and it doesn’t fit. What’s my size?

    1. Hi Lori,
      Your waist seems a little small compared to the dress/pants size list. If this is because you have a narrow waist and full hips/bust, you could probably go to a Large/40 in a belt. If your waist usually fits nicely in a 16, I’d go for an XL belt (42).

  15. Costco actually changed the marking on the belts to “pant size” to get in line with the vanity sizing in pants now. Pant size used to be the waist in inches. That is no longer the case.
    size 36 is closer to 38-39 inch waist.

  16. Hello, I wear a jeans size 6-8 or 26-28 usually. I am 5’9 1/2″ and have a 28″ waist. I am trying to buy a vintage Moschino Belt on eBay and am so confused with sizing. According to this chart I would be 36-38 based on pant size, but 32-34 based on waist measurement. Can you help me with sizing advice?

    1. Hi Laine, Thanks for your note – you helped us find a typo in the chart – so sorry about that confusion! We’re fixing it right away.
      Meanwhile… in most women’s brands you would wear a medium belt or a belt sized 31-32 inches. From looking at the Moschino size charts (at least their most recent ones), they tend to run a little on the larger size, so you might want to get a small. That said, it is usually easier to shorten a belt / add an extra hole than to make one work when it is too short. 😉 Good luck!

  17. I am a custom belt maker and your recommendation to the lady with the 46″ waist was a curious response, why didn’t you recommend a custom maker or etsy and Shopify sites? I have made belts for a 52″ waist and although it was for a guy, I have tools for all kinds of designs including Celtic knots and geometric shapes etc. my other problem is that every time I have made a belt based on pant size, which I won’t do anymore, but it is always 4″ too short. The last part is simple, if you use the buckle in your measurement and the buckle on the belt you buy, or plan on changing the buckle, I often do, then your measurement could be off by a little or a lot. I measure from the fold on the flap to the middle hole and use 7 holes but that is my preference but my other measure is waist size plus 8″, 2″ on the buckle end and six in the billet end.

  18. I wear a 26 or 27 in most jean sizes. I am interested in a Ferragamo women skinny belt. They have sizes like 80 and 85? Help & BIG thank you !!

  19. I wear size small pants and shorts, what size belt should I get? Do you think a 34 belt would be too large or would it still work?

  20. My son wears a 28 regular in young mens, or a 16-18 in boys (walmart type) for pants. What size belt would I order for him? The belts I’m interested in are from Big R and are labeled 18-30 with odd numbers only, but they don’t specify what number means, as it doesn’t say inches or have a ” next to numbers. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Belt Curious,

      I took a look at the Big R website and the only belts I could see there were men’s belts with even numbered sizing that matched our charts nicely. Looks like your son would wear a 30 or XS in men’s, although if he is still growing, you might want to buy a 32/Small. If you are looking at Boys’ belts, he is at the very top end of that sizing, so you may want to move to the young men’s / men’s department.

  21. If I measure my existing belt (as described above–measured from buckle to favorite hole), I get 35 1/2″. The back of the belt says 30. I wear a size 6 pant.
    If I go by the existing belt measurement I would order a large? But if I order what is on the back of the belt (30), I would order a small? Confused.

    1. Hi Sherry,
      That is a little baffling… I’m guessing that your belt has stretched quite a bit over time. Since you wear a size 6 in pants, which is at the top end of small for belts, I’d suggest a medium is going to be your best fit in most brands. Your belt may have indicated the waist size it was appropriate for as opposed to its length as well, which some belts do and that would also point to you needing a medium…


  22. Hi,
    Normally my boyfriend wear 43 inches or 110 cm but I’m going to buy him Coach belt and I’m not sure which size I should buy?

    1. He would need a 43 in Coach belts. While they do include that size on their sizing chart for belts, many of their styles only go up to 42, so you may have to consider another brand that goes a little larger.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Louis Vuitton belts are sized in centimeters, which is typical of many Euro brands. I’d recommend a size 90cm belt based on the pants size

      1. Hi Yvonne,
        The ideal size for him would be a 75 cm, so the 85 would be about 2 sizes too big for him. While you can usually go up one size since there are different holes for adjustment, 2 sizes would leave a lot of extra length and it is possible there would not be a hole that would allow the belt to be small enough for his waist.

  23. I have a size 28″ waist. I want to buy an INC belt and I’m going back and forth between sizes. Size small says it is 31″ and size Medium says it’s 34″. Is this the full length of the belt? If so, which size should I go with? 3″ extra length sounds really short but 6″ sounds really long. This is for a high waisted belt look.

    1. Hi, usually a belt size is listed in inches, but it is not the full length of the belt. To find your belt size, you add 2″ to your waist size, so in this case you’d want a 30″ belt, so the 31″ small should be just fine for you.

  24. I want to buy a designer belt for my bf, he normally wears 31 in pants, but the only size in stock now is 36. Would it might be too big for him?

  25. Hi, Please could you advise which Levi’s belt size will fit for general jeans size 32?
    As we have tried Levi’s belt size 32, however it was small.


    1. Hi Joan, You need to add 2 inches to your waist measurement size (which will be equal to your size in jeans sized in inches). So, you should be a Levi’s belt in size 34 for proper fit.

  26. Hi, I have a question:
    I recently purchased a Burberry reversible belt size 90.
    I am a size 32 jeans. My question is, would the belt fit me? Would one of the belt holes fit me even though the belt I purchased is a little big?

    1. Hi,
      Your belt may fit ok – it is only about 1 size too big for you, so is likely that the one of the holes will bring it small enough for you, but since every manufacturer and style is different, you’ll really need to try it on to be sure.
      A size 90 cm belt is similar to a 35-36 inch belt. If you wear a 32 in jeans, you would normally want a size 34 belt or a size 86 in centimeters

  27. Hiya, I am wondering whether to buy a men’s belt however it is only available in “one size”. I am a 30/32 inch waist would this fit?

    1. Hi, Usually for a “one size” belt you can find an indicator for the measurement range it is meant to accommodate. That said, your size is pretty popular/standard, so it is likely it would work.

    1. “One size” or “no size” belts will NOT fit everyone and every company has a different definition. They usually work for people who wear mediums and smalls.

    1. HI Ashley,
      There is a pretty big discrepency in the sizing of plus size belts, so I’d recommend looking at the size charts for particular brands before buying. For example at Torrid (which has quite a good selection of women’s plus size belts), you should be able to wear a 3X. Lane Bryant measures belts according to the pant size you wear, which would probably be a 24. At Eloquii (they have several cute belts right now!), You should buy a 22/24 (they also go by pants size).

  28. I only wear mid-rise pants. What would be the best way to measure so the belt rests where I need.

  29. If I wear a size 16 in women’s jeans what size Gucci welt do you think I should order never tried on any Gucci belts so I’m a little unsure thank you

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      It would help to know what brand(s) you wear a 16 in, OR your actual waist measurement, since brands vary so much. Gucci belts are sized in Euro sizes using centimeters. You could wear a 90 (for example, if your waist is 34″) or you may want to go to a 95 if your waist is closer to 36″.

  30. I want to buy a size 12 Moschino belt I wear a size 13 in jeans and a size 32 in exspensive jeans and they say the belt is a extra large so can I wear it or to little ?

    1. Hi TB,
      Moschino belts are actually sized in Euro sizes, so if they are representing it as a 12, it may be a knockoff. In Moshcino belts, you’d probably want a 44.

  31. Hello Can Any one Tell me What Size I would be in a Louis Vuitton Belt if I wear Size 32 Jeans? – Thank you 🙂

  32. I want to get a Gucci belt and the sizes go up to a 110 which is 44 inches. I don’t know my waist size but I wear a size 14 in jeans. Please help.

    1. Hi, In Euro sizes you’d probably wear a 90. A 14 in jeans usually indicates a 32″ waist. Add 2 inches for your belt size – which would be 34″. Convert that to centimeters for european sizing and round up for a 90. 😀

  33. Hi, so i wear a size 32 in men’s jeans/pants, i’m looking at a women’s gucci belt, what size would i be able fit?

  34. I wear 40 in pants. I just ordered a 42/110 Ferragamo belt. Will it b too small?

    Also i c LV belts on Ebay over 110 cm. Does LV make belts that large?

    1. Hi Daryl, Your 42 belt should be just right if you regularly wear a 40.
      Louis Vuitton maxes *most* of their belts out at 100 cm, but I have seen a few at 110cm (on their web site, so definitely not knockoffs). However, since the styles they release in that size are so limited, you may want to be a little skeptical when buying from 3rd parties.

  35. Hi, I’m trying to buy a Gucci belt. All I can find is a men’s 30 US Size, what size would that convert to for Women? I’m around a size 32-34, so would that be good? Thank you for your help!

  36. Hi Ann, I have a women’s Prada belt with the numbers 46 over 115. My lady friend interested in buying asked about the size, but I wasn’t sure how to figure it out. I’m in United States.

    1. Hi Marshall,
      You belt is giving you sizing for the US and Europe. 46/115 is 46 inches if you are using US sizing and the 115 is cm and the correct size if you’re using European sizing.

  37. Hey i wanna buy a surprise for my girlfriend a versace belt her waist is 30 inch and hips 36
    Will M or L be good or need something else ?

  38. i take size 30 in jeans and was curious what size Gucci belt I should order online and have been hesitant because I do not want to order the wrong size

    1. It’s hard to say without knowing the brand. If you could you provide the brand of the belt, I will be able to better answer your question.

  39. My skinny jeans range from 32″-34″ waist. I recently ordered a Gucci Belt online and was wondering how it would fit and if the size would be good, I ordered a size 95 Mens

    1. It looks like you ordered the correct size for your Gucci belt. By ordering the larger size to accommodate a 34″ waist you’ll be able to adjust it if needed and it should fit well.

  40. Hi. I wear a size XL in a Michael kors belt and I have a 34′ inch waist and wear a 16 in women’s pants/ sometimes an 18. I’m considering buying a women’s Burberry belt that’s 38″- 40″ inches long. Would that be too small or just right?

    1. If your waist size is 34″ you would need to add 2″ for a total of 36″ in a belt size. If your measurement tends to fluctuate a bit then 38″ should also fit and give you some flexibility.

  41. Hey I wear a size 29(9) in jeans I’m trying to purchase a Moschino women’s Belts what’s size should I get Small, Medium, Large ?

    1. If your waist size is 29″ you would need to add 2″ for a total of 31″ in a belt size. A small size should fit and also give you a little flexibility.

  42. Iam planning to buy a versace belt but i dont know the sizes. The only sizes available are :

    5A, 6A, 7A, XXS, XS, S

    In skinny jeans iam 31X30 and i weight 140

    I need help i want to buy the belt already can you help me

    1. Manaure, Genuine Versace belts are measured in centimeters. The sizes you’re describing could have been added by a 3rd party site selling them or may not be genuine. If you want to buy a Versace belt, you would need an 85 cm size.

  43. HELLO ..Please pants size is 48×30..i tend to buy pants from “Kingsize” catalog..3x-4x depending on the looking to buy a couple of new belts from the “Haband catalog,im thinking my belt size should be “50 or 52:..i don’t mind if the belts are bigger..thanks for your help .Stan

    1. If the waist on your pants measures 48″, you’ll want to add 2″ to that measurement to find the appropriate belt size. In this case it would be 50″.

    1. For a size 12 in pants, a 28″ belt should fit you but this can vary by the brand of belt. If you can, try measuring your waist size and add 2″.

  44. Hi Ann,
    I am looking into purchasing a Gucci belt. I wear a pants size 10-14 depends on the fit. Jeans vary between 30-32. Can you let me know what size belt I should purchase?
    Thank you

    1. Gucci offers sizes for hip measurements and waist measurements depending on the rise of the pants/jeans. For the jeans a size 32 a Gucci size 90 should fit. In the case of your pants, a size 14 would convert to a 100 for either your hips or waist.

    1. I’m assuming you are using centimeters. Take the 102cm and add another 5cm which equals 107cm. You will need to round up to the next available size of 110cm which should fit. You may also want a slightly larger size if you plan to wear your belt both at the waist and around the hips. The low rise fit of a hip belt requires a larger size than what you’d need to wear only around your waist.

  45. Hi Ann if I’m a 28 in pretty most brand name jeans and a size 7/8 in regular jeans most the time do have the rarely of even some 5-8 in jeans dress pants and khakis. As for athletic and comfy pants mostly med but can also do size small. Man this is so complicated. I remember when you didn’t have to try anything on you knew your exact size to get. And now it’s pretty much a chore. But anyway do you thing you can help me figure out a size on a belt. Pretty please and ty. I’d so appreciate it n id love u forever n ud be my new best friend lol.

    1. Hi Nicole,
      In general, you should wear a small in belts. However, note that if the belts you are looking at are in a “junior” brand / sizing, you may want to go up to a medium. (Tip: most jr size clothes are sized in “odd” numbers vs, “misses” sizing which is sized in even numbers.)

      The good news is most belts have enough adjustments to allow for some leeway.


    1. Hi Maddison, you would need a size 35 belt but if you are planning on wearing your belt on your waist and your hips you will want to go up a size to allow for the extra room in the hips.

  46. Hi Ann,
    I wear a men’s size 33 in dress pants and am looking for a leather belt. Would I wear a 34 or 36 size belt? If the answer is 34 and they only have a 36 would that still fit me?
    Your help is most appreciated!

    1. You will need to add 2″ to your waist size which totals 35″. You would want to order a 36 to get a proper fit.

    1. Gucci belts only go up to Large in children’s sizes which measures 25.6 inches. I would suggest measuring the child’s waist and ordering an adult size which start at a 24″ inch waist.

  47. My waist is 32″ and my hips are 38″ and I am looking to buy an Hermes Constance belt that I can wear at my waist or high hip. What size would I buy so as not to be on the last hole and to allow room for big meal :-)?

    1. If you are looking for a belt to fit your hips a size 105 will fit and allow you plenty of room for your waist even after a big meal.

    1. A size 90 should fit you well and you may want it slightly larger if you plan to wear your belt both at the waist and around the hips.

    1. Thank you, I am glad to hear you are enjoying our site. We are frequently adding new brands, so feel free to check back often!

    1. Gucci belt sizes are based on your waist measurement. I suggest either measuring an existing belt or measuring where your pants would fall. Once you have your measurement in inches or centimeters, you can refer to the size guide to determine the correct size.

  48. Hi, recently bought a 100cm Gucci Belt. Could i fit a 90cm LV and Gucci? I like my belts tight rather than snug like the 100cm.

    1. 10 centimeters smaller is equivalent to almost 4 inches, if you have an additional 4 inches in your 100cm belt then you should be able to go smaller.

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