How Plus Size Clothing Sizing Works

plus_size_shoppingThese days, there are more plus size clothing options than ever before.  Although this is fantastic in terms of expanding your wardrobe, it’s downright confusing when it comes to understanding your size.  The sizing uncertainty comes from the fact that plus size clothing manufacturers actually use several different sizing systems to describe their garments.  Fortunately, understanding your proper size is as simple as figuring out how these systems compare.

Three Different Sizing Systems for Plus Sizes

As you shop, you’ll encounter clothing with a simple numerical size, such as 20, as well as pieces with a numerical size and the letter “W.”  To make things even more complicated, you’ll also see general sizes like 2X or XXL.

  •  Misses’ Sizes – Plus size clothing items that are sized with a simple number, such as 18, 20, or 22, are often called “misses” sizes. You’ll sometimes see them on more youthful looks, but some retailers stick to this type of sizing for all their pieces.  Some clothing lines consider anything a size 14 or above a “plus” size, while others start their plus sizing at a 16 or 18.
  • Women’s Sizes – Other pieces are sized with a number followed by the letter “W.”  This “W” stands for women’s sizing, and in general, it means that the clothing is cut with a looser, more relaxed fit.  These clothing lines are often made for those with more generous curves and may have more ample bust and hip areas, too. Occasionally, brands add a “Plus” or a “+” after their sizing; this usually means the same thing as a “W.
  • X Sizes – The X sizing system, such as 2X or XXL is more all-encompassing, and you’ll most often find it in pieces that don’t have a tailored fit. It is very commonly used for knits and items with more give that require less exacting fits.

Plus Size Sizing Chart

Each manufacturer is unique, and the sizing comparison is not exact.  However, you can use this general chart to help gauge your size in each of the sizing systems.

Bust Waist Hip Women’s Size Misses’ Size Letter Size
43.5 36 46 16W 18 1X/XL
45.5 38 48 18W 20 2X/XXL
47.5 40.5 50.5 20W 22
49.5 43 53 22W 24 3X/XXXL
51.5 45.5 55.5 24W 26
54.5 48.5 57.5 26W 28 4X
57 51.5 59.5 28W

How Misses’ and Women’s Sizes Compare

Most manufacturers will carry either misses’ or women’s sizes, so this can help avoid confusion.  However, some do carry items in both sizing ranges and even have overlap. So, it’s important to understand the differences between these two sizing systems, especially if you’re shopping online.

In many cases, a women’s size is roughly equivalent to the next misses’ size up.  For example, an 18W is similar to a misses’ size 20.

Some other general rules for sizing these items include:

  • A women’s size garment is cut more generously in the waist, hips, and bottom, making it more generously proportioned in these areas than its misses’ size counterpart.
  • The bust difference between misses’ plus size clothing and corresponding women’s sizes is smaller, although women’s sizes may run fuller.  The exact difference depends on the manufacturer.
  • Pants or jeans in women’s sizes may also have a taller rise than those with misses’ sizing.

Where the X Sizes Fit In

X sizes, such as XL, XXL or 2X, encompass more than one numerical size.  You’ll almost always find this system in knitwear and other relaxed fits, since it doesn’t offer the exact dimensions required for tailored pieces.  For instance, a woven dress or business suit will usually feature a misses’ or women’s size, while a sweater or a pair of pajama pants usually uses the X size.

An XL is usually equivalent to a 1X and an XXL is like a 2X. In brands that carry a 0X, it usually falls between a Large and Extra Large, but will often have the more generous hip proportions of a women’s size item.

Understanding How “Ease” Changes a Fit

You may have noticed that some pieces are more form-fitting than others, even if they carry the exact same sizing label.  That’s because some garments are built with “ease” or extra room, creating a comfortable and sometimes, more modest, garment.

If a piece is described using one of the following terms, it probably has a looser fit for its size:

  • “Relaxed fit”
  • “Oversize”
  • “Comfort fit”
  • “Loose”

Adding in Tall and Petite

Curvy women come in all different heights, and clothing manufacturers realize this.  That’s why you’ll also see petite and tall sizes for the full range of plus size clothing.

  • Tall sizes are generally made to fit women taller than 5’8″.  They feature longer inseams, sleeves, and torsos, and often, the waist is slightly lower as well.
  • Petite sizes fit women shorter than 5’4″ and feature shorter inseams, sleeves, and torsos.  You may also see differences in armhole size and waist placement.

For tall items, the size may be tagged with a “T” or “Tall” after the size number, for example you may see a size 18W Tall or a Size 2XT.

Petite sizes are often labelled with a “P,” “Petite” or “Short” designation.  So, a size 14WP would be a women’s size 14 petite.

Clothing that Fits and Flatters

Taking the time to understand the different sizing systems can help you find plus size clothing that fits perfectly and flatters your shape.   Always check the manufacturer’s size chart when shopping online to be sure your measurements line up with the size you order.

115 thoughts on “How Plus Size Clothing Sizing Works

  1. thank you so much for the info. am working on my weight and this is helping me a great deal with my trackers . again thank you this is the best info i found for correct measurements.

  2. But how is an 18 different from an 18Plus?

    I ordered on Oldnavy and they have a regular pair of jeans that are up to 20 and it’s cheaper than the Plus size version that starts at 16plus. So can’t I just get the 18 in regular or do I have to get the 18Plus?

    1. Generally, the sizes are similar, but the plus ones tend to be a little more generous in curvy areas. Often the waist is a little wider in the plus and the hips (and bust if it is a shirt) are going to be larger than in the plain 18. So, if you tend to be large hipped, you would prefer the 18plus.

      1. I’m still confused. I bought a size 14 skirt in a plus line. I want to find in non plus what size is 14? Is 16 in regular clothes or same. The skirt is faux leather with a zipper and now I can pull it up without opening zipper. So it’s a bigger.

        1. In many cases, a women’s size is roughly equivalent to the next misses’ size up. Your size 14 plus size is similar to a misses’ size 16. Please note that a women’s size garment is cut more generously in the waist, hips, and bottom, making it more generously proportioned in these areas than its misses’ size counterpart.

    2. Hi I noticed your post about buying jeans at old navy. I had a hard time finding great fitting Jean, I had on a pervious trip to old navy bought curvy jeans big mistake. First nice in the beginning but after a while not so much. I went back and gain a few mths later looking for jeans to replace them because the season was changing, one of their staff members a curvy girl recommended rock star jeans because they are a universal fit. I hope this long story helps if you are still looking for jeans

  3. Many thanks to the creator of this site! I’ve always fallen within regular sizing until starting a new birth control method that shot me up 20 lbs in a month and caused the girls up top to double in size. I was lost with trying to understand how plus sizing works and you have helped tremendously! It all makes so much more sense now. Thanks again!

    1. It depends on the individual brand, but you are generally correct. Often an 1X is just a little more generously cut in the bust.

  4. Your sizing chart present your information very nicely. However I wear an 8X or 10X.

    Your chart only goes to 4X. What about some consideration for the more obese customers. There are lots of us in America. Laura

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your feedback. The data presented in the article chart was compiled from the sizes that the majority of the plus size lines we are finding represent. However, you are correct and that doesn’t help everyone. We will look into expanding our information. Do you have particular brands you recommend that carry sizes up to 10x that we should look into for their representative measurements?

  5. My biggest concern is having something fall out. If I pull my tops down enough to keep the belly covered, then the girls are going to pop out! So I move, tug, move, tuck…repeat.

  6. I noticed that, in your “X sizes” section of your sizing chart, both “2X” and “3X” are followed by “XXL”. Is this a typo? Was “3X” supposed to be followed by “XXXL” or are both “2X” and “3X” equivalent to “XXL”?

  7. My problem is small top, large bottom. Have hard time buying a blouse or jacket….if top is ok, the bottom is too small. Also slack or jeans I were 18W but since I’m only 5′, I end up cutting 3-4″ off.. Hope this is not too much.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Agnes, You are definitely not the only one with this challenge! The key for you is going to be to look carefully at the cut. When looking at a longer top or jacket, you are going to want one that flares a little instead of being a straight cut. Luckily for you, the “swing” tunic with a bit of a flare is in right now. Look for tops that say flared, swing or A-line cut. For pants, you may want to try petites as you won’t need to shorten them so much. *Some* petite lines are overall cut smaller, so you may find you need to go up a size in some brands (ie a 20P instead of a 18W), but if you can find brands that have Petite Womens (ie an 18WP), the cut should be ideal.

  8. I want to take 41 size man jeans…BT I m so confuse because I have no idea about alphabetical letter size …plz give me some idea

    1. Most men’s pants are sold by waist size. So, if you are looking at men’s jeans, you would just look for a 41. However, if you are purchasing men’s pants with a letter size, you would probably wear a large. Or, are you looking for women’s pants? If you wear a men’s 41 jean, you would probably need a 20 or 22 in women’s number sizes – usually an XXL in women’s letter sizes. Hope this helps!

  9. I bought 5 pr. black pants in Alfred Dunner label said petite Size 18P machine wash cold polyester I am 5 ft they are too tight in the waist Am I getting the wrong size??? and just a little too long

    1. HI Mary Lou,

      Without your measurements, we can’t tell you what size you should be purchasing, but if they are too tight in the waist, it sounds like you will need to go up a size, at least in that brand. As for the length, at 5 foot tall, you may find you have to have most pants shortened, even petites. Most companies define petites as being for women 5’3″ and shorter which means the length will usually be ideal for a woman 5’2″ – 5’3″. So, while the proportions will be more appropriate for you than non-petite sizing, it is likely you will still need to have most pants hemmed. Many dry cleaners offer hemming services, but make sure you get the correct sizing sorted out first. Good luck!

  10. Thanks for a great website, the differences in size and fit from different manufacturers can be so frustrating.
    I tend to stick with brands that I know will fit me, but even that backfires sometimes. Do manufacturers change the measurements for patterns yearly?

    1. Hi Nancy,
      While they don’t usually change their measurements completely, as they change styles and cuts, the fits will change. For example, if something is low waisted and narrow through the hips in a skinny jean, your hip measurement comes more into play than it would with a relaxed fit jean that fits at your natural waist. Some brands do update the measurement charts periodically, it usually isn’t annually… it may just feel that way. 😉
      – Ann

      1. Hi Ann,
        That makes complete sense. There are items in my closet that are my “go to” clothes that fit well and I wear often. Time to clean my closet 🙂

  11. What is size “X” in plus equivalent to? I normally where an XL in women’s. How will it fit differently? It’s a loose fitting shift. Thanks

    1. Hi Laurin,
      It is fairly unusual for sizing to just have an “X” but usually if they do, that is equivalent to a 1X or an XL. A very few brands have a 0X and that is usually like a smaller XL or a size 16.
      Good luck!

  12. Thanks a lot for this information. I was very confused about the “W” until I read your article. Cos I can wear some skirts suits in18W which is supposed to be size 20 but I cant fit into some suits in the misses size 20, I have to get the oitfit in size 22 and sometimes size 24; It must be the cut right? Please clarify thanks

    1. Yes, some brands just make their sizes to a smaller measurement standard than others, so that is also a factor, but most brands cut “W” sizes a little fuller — especially in curvy areas — than non-W sizes.

  13. This is a great article! And since size questions are allowed: I have a 40 in chest and almost the same size waist. I can wear a 14 bottom that fits everywhere except the waist. A 16 is too big everywhere except the waist. Any suggestions for bottoms? Thanks, Shae

    1. Hi Shae,

      While people come in many different proportions and sizes, clothing manufacturers do tend to create clothing for particular proportion types. That means not everyone fits those and it leaves very few options. You might try a boyfriend cut jean or pant where it is meant to be a little boxier and where you can go up to the 16 for your waist fit. Alternately, get to know your local tailor (lots of dry cleaners have someone who can do these alterations) and have them take in your pants a bit in the hips and thighs as needed.

      1. Thank you! I can sew but didn’t really want to get into taking clothes in. Guess that’s better than having to let them out!

  14. Are you looking for some of the best plus size dresses this year? Well, they are very easy to find. You do not have to surf for the list providing plus size clothing options only. Now there are many brands which are offering plus size dresses and other apparels. Going to buy a good apparel through famous brands was not so easy before. Most of them are currently offering their collections online. In this article, you are going to find different facts about these dresses and their types.

  15. i hav a problem with having to order a size my bust is 44inchs waist is 44 inches and hip 41 inches can any1 help me out wat size i need to order many thaks

    1. Hi Lyndsey,
      First, you definitely are going to have to look at the cut of things you purchase as well as the parts of your body they cover in order to get proper fit. You want to avoid “1 piece” items such as dresses and jumpsuits and instead focus on separates. For tops, you are going to want a size 18 / 2X to fit well through the bust. Avoid styles that taper in at the waist or have an elasticized or tightly fitted waist and look instead for slightly a-line or flared tops for the most flattering fit. In pants, you are going to need to fit your waist, so probably an 18 as well, even though your hips are asking for a 14, but you may find many pants are wide through the hips on you. A tailor can usually take them in for you so they will not be so baggy. You may also find skirts a better option. Good luck!

        1. Hi Lyndsey,
          You will need to work with a bridal salon to custom fit a dress for you – the good news is, they do that all the time and are great at getting every bride’s dress to fit just right. The only way you’d be able to buy completely off the rack for this is if you wanted either an empire or a-line style, in which case you’d fit to your bust and it would just flow down from there.

          1. i ask my dress maker as i bought the same dress im.talkn abt i got.a 14 in it but could not get ut siped she said to get a 18 but its just shown 18w wat would be the difference betwen 18 and 18w and she could talior it

          2. Well, you should really ask your dressmaker as measurements will vary depending on design and style and she will be best able to tell you. However, it is almost always better to go too large vs. too small as they can take it in more easily than let it out, especially if there is not enough material.

  16. My bust, waist, and hip measurements are all within an inch or two of each other. Is my only option for clothing that fits well a seamstress?

    1. Hi Tammy, For tailored or structured items, you will probably need to have clothing custom fit to you. However for casual clothing, look for separates (easier to fit than a dress or other one piece items) as well as styles that are flattering to your particular measurements. In jeans, for example, you’ll want to avoid skinny cut ones and go for more “boyfriend” and straight/bootcut styles. In tops, a-line and swing styles can be very flattering – avoid tops that cinch at the waist, either with elastic or just through the cut.

    1. Hi, In most brands, an xxxxxxl would be same as 6x. Usually a 5x equals a a 34W to 36W and a 6x equals a 38W to 40W, but of course that will vary depending on fit and brand.

  17. Hi I am interested in buying a new winter coat. I wear a size 18 in jeans and a size xl all from old navy. The coat is not from old navy but from another store online, what is the best size if they offer 1x-3x? I am well–endowed and curvy. Should I go to a plus size store and try on a winter coat to get a general size?

  18. I’ve started seeing more and more 2XL sizes, along with the 2X, could you please tell me what the difference is between the two? I look at the size charts, but 2XL is never listed, even though it’s an available size.

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Unfortunately, this does vary with different brands/manufacturers so a lot is going to depend on the size chart of a specific brand and some trial and error. However, as a general rule, a 2XL is equivalent is a 2X. Often a 2X is a slightly fuller cut than a 2XL, generally with a little more room for “curves.”

  19. Looking to get a jersey for someone who says they are a XXXL. But the website does not have XXXL – instead they have Plus 3X. Is this the same or significantly larger?

  20. I am trying to order my prom dress and In dresses I wear a 3x so what would that be in numbers. I put 22/24 on it but i want to make sure before i order. Please let me know ASAP!!!!

    1. Hi Aireyale,
      The “X” sizes are usually broader and for less fitted items. Since a 3x usually straddles size 24 and 26, I would probably err up a size if there is a 26/28 available instead of the 22/24, especially if the style is quite fitted and if the fabric has no “stretch” to it. I usually find a lot of formalwear tends to run to the smaller size, anyway. If you can, you might even want to order both sizes and try them, but if you can only do one, I’d go larger.

  21. Ordered size 18 denim skirt ,received 2xl ,skirt is too small, can’t fasten,,liked about 3 inches fastening,,,What size should i orded to get a larger size? My waist is 41 and hips 45 inches…. please advise,,thanks

    1. Hi, It would help to know what brand it is? While we include charts on this page that are averages for plus size brands, it will vary depending on the manufacturer. From the average charts, it looks like for your waist size you would need to go to a 22W or 3XL in most brands.

  22. This info helps when buying gifts for my GF as she’s been losing a bit and I wanted to know the right conversion from number to letter sizing.

  23. So what do they mean by 16M.. I’m actually a size 18 in pants and a 14/16 for the tops in Lane Bryant store.. but I’m interested in a jumpsuit in Macy’s and they only carry in up to 16M..

    1. A 16M is a 16 in Misses sizing – Misses sizing usually runs a little smaller / less full-cut than the corresponding numbers with a W (women’s sizing). Jumpsuits are generally tricky for anyone with different sizing in pants and tops since they will come in one size. It is very unlikely that a 16M will fit you in the bottoms, unfortunately.

  24. I wear a 26W petite in bottoms, and a 4X in tops. im searching for a nice waist trainer or waist belt but not sure what size I should be looking for because the sizes range from 1XL to 10XL…. Im confused because of the XL at the end, isn’t that junior sizes?

    1. Hi Erica,
      Thanks for visiting. What you’ve discovered is that even clothing manufacturers are confused about sizing. 😉 The XL does not designate junior sizing in most cases, especially when numbers above “1” are added. Based on your sizes you’ve indicated, a 4XL would be your best bet

  25. I’m beyond confused right now. I’m Australian and trying to purchase some skirts online but keep coming across soaring that don’t tell me if they are us, UK/aid or something else. I wear an aus size 16 which in conversion charts puts me in a U.S. Size 12 but waist wise I’m 92 cm or 36 inches which is the measurements for the 16w ….. Super confused please help

    1. Hi Nae, As if sizes weren’t confusing enough, we have no world standard! So, first, when shopping online I highly recommend you look at the site “about” or “contact” info to see where they are based – most companies will use the sizing system of their location.

      As to the sizing coversion confusion… a few things could be happening. First, make sure you have measured correctly at your natural waist and also get your hip measurement. Here are good tips on how to measure.

      Then… the Australian size 16 you wear – is that in multiple brands? Perhaps one particular favorite brand you wear is sized differently. Also, if you are using older clothing as a basis, sizes do change with time and clothing can stretch as it ages.

      If your waist measurement is correct, I would order a 16 in a U.S. made skirt – that should fit in most brands.

      Good luck!!

  26. I think this is helpful but how do I know what size to order pants when they are listed by inches? I wear a 20w in Gloria Vanderbilt and Vanilla Jeans which size is right for me at the Avenue? The selections are 28 and 30 and 32? Please reply.

    1. When waist sizes are in inches for pants, you’d want to look for 40 to be equal to a size 20W. So, it looks like the jeans you were looking at may not come in plus size, or they were out of that size range.

    1. Hi Karen, 1x and 2x are broader sizes than specific numeric ones (14/16/18/20) and are often used for items made with knits or cuts that are less fitted. On average, the bust of a 1x will be 43.5 inches (similar to a size 16); a 2x will be more in the 45.5-47.5 range – closer to an 18/20.

    1. HI Veronica,

      Actually, A US size 26 would equal a 28 or 30 in Australian sizes. An Aus size 24 would be like a US 20 or 22.


  27. Thank you SO much for clarifying the sizing problem I’ve been faced with this week! Taking a big trip to Europe with grandkids and I need new clothes so badly! I’ve had major surgery and have been living in pj’s for the last year pretty much! Now it’s time to go back to the real world and all I have that fit are winter clothes! It seems like every time I shop sizes are completely different! ACK! Thanks again!

  28. I wear 18p for pants and xl for shirt. is there another term for 18p? I’m confused on how to understand all this. I’m only 5 foot and like 2 inches and I weigh 189 pounds.

    1. Hi, Sometimes pants are labelled as S for short. While 18 P (Petite) is usually a slightly smaller cut overall than an 18 or 18W, sometimes it mostly affects length, especially in the plus size range. However other brands just make a shorter pant and that would be labelled as an 18S.

  29. Today i found a very nice dress for vacation and it was only in plus size and i usually wear normal european size 12. I ended up buying it 1x becuse am between the sizes 12 and 14 thats why all the searching for the sizes has landed me here!!Mmh so confusing especially buying clothes from US. Waitng to see practically.

    1. Hi, I’m afraid that dress is going to be too large for you. A UK 12 is more like an 8 (or occasionally a 10) in US clothing sizes. A 1X is more like an 18 or 20 in UK sizing.

  30. So if you go from a size 26w to a 20w. Is it consider going down 3 pant sizes or 6 pant sizes because we go by twos?

  31. I’m shopping for a bridal gown and I weigh about 307-311 I have really small bust size my body shape is a pair shape any getting married in April of 2018

    1. HI Stacy,

      Congratulations! Finding the perfect bridal gown is a challenge for everyone, but it can be even harder to get the ideal dress when samples don’t fit you well. A few things to consider – do you have a favorite dress (non-bridal) that you could use to determine a cut that you love? If not, try shopping for some ready-to-wear dresses just to determine the most flattering styles for your body shape. From your description, I would recommend you look for dresses in A-line or empire styles. You’ll want something that flares below the bust or at the waist. Avoid dresses that are fitted through the hips such as mermaids or trumpets. David’s bridal has a nice selection of plus size bridal gowns you might want to browse. This is a good example of the kind of empire cut I was suggesting –

  32. Hi Jesse,
    I can’t find any sizing of that nature on the Columbia site. If you’re shopping at a 3rd party, my best guess is they are using the c to indicate capri length (18″)

  33. Hi,
    I purchased a dress, size 14. It fits, but I would like a little more wiggle room because of the lining. 14 was the largest size, but can get the same dress in women’s sizes, starting at 14W. Should I order 14W or 16w?

    1. Hi Elaine,
      It is really going to depend on the brand and how they cut their W sizes. In *most* brands, the W sizes are cut a little fuller, for curvier figures and the 14W should give you the ample wiggle room. However, if their manufacturing isn’t consistent, or they don’t follow the standards, you may need the 16W. Personally, I’d order both and send one back. 😀

  34. I am very short (4 ft. 11 in.). But other measurements are all in the plus category. I have figured out that my shirt size is between 3-4X. My slacks are 18 petite short. My inseam is 21 1/4″. As close as I come to self-measuring, my bust size is 52″ and waist is 55″. My hip size is 55″. I never wear dresses, so I don’t know what size I would take. From the measurements I’ve posted, would you be able to approximate the dress size I should wear?

    1. Hi Carol,
      I am wondering if there could be a typo in one of the sizes you’ve listed above? For your measurements, it sounds like slacks are more likely to be a 28 petite than an 18?

      Since your bust is smaller than your hips, you may find you get better fit in 2 piece dress outfits so you can mix sizes. In many of these, you can’t even tell they are 2 pieces. However, you may do ok in dresses that are more flowy and/or have flared skirts. I would try a 28 or 3x — in petites if possible – for your dress size based on your measurements.

      Good luck!


      1. Thank you for your feedback. It’s a big help. Oh, and the pants are a size 18 Petite Short. I got them from Blair. I guess, like you said, different sellers have different ways of sizing.

  35. My daughter is trying to order a leather jacket. Sizes go from XXXL to 1W. What does that mean. Sizing chart doesn’t explain.

    1. It would be helpful if you could let us know the brand of the leather jacket and if possible a link as well. Thanks!

  36. I am looking for/at full cotton slips. Not that slips in general are easy to find in brick-&-mortar stores, bc they are most definitely NOT!! A few years ago, I went to an American mall, and could only find them (not cotton, though) in Sears! Now I’m in Florida, and I want cotton. I found some online at, but the sizing isn’t like any sizing I’ve ever seen. It’s just even numbers: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, and 52. Does this refer to a bra-band size? I don’t know how to order.

    1. These measurements do refer to your bra size but since this is a cotton slip you may want to order a larger size to allow for shrinkage.

  37. I’m still confused, I found a fantastic coat I want on Etsy and it’s manufactured in Bulgaria. I wear like 22 in stretch jeans but some things I have to go with a 3x. I usually opt for 3x just in case. The coat on Etsy goes up to a 5XL and I am wondering whether I am even in the ballpark for that. I sincerely await for your reply.

    1. Hi Jerri, Since most items at Etsy are either handmade or custom – or as seems to be the case here – made by a small, foreign manufacturer, your best bet is to reach out to the seller and ask if they have a size chart corresponding to that coat and the sizes they sell. They should be able to help you with that. It is very common for a product like this to not conform to standard US sizing, so your best bet is to ask them directly. Good luck – it is a cute coat!!

    1. It’s hard to tell without knowing the brand of top and leggings. If you could provide the brand, I may be able to better answer your question.

  38. I don’t know if this question was asked but I always seem to have problems finding anything that looks nice on my “apple” shaped body, I have a large stomach, waist and midriff, smaller breasts (in comparison), fairly slim hips and thighs and am 5′ 2″ tall, weigh 212. I find jeans that are too tight in the waist and baggy in the butt and hips or tops that are too roomy in the breast area, showing way too much cleavage. I don’t know which stores to shop in either on line or in person….I need help!!

    1. Hi Dacia,
      The apple shape can be one of the hardest to shop for (there may be a reason I love yoga pants so much). But, there ARE options. For jeans, look for ones marketed as “boyfriend” style. They tend to not be as tightly waisted. Avoid slim fit legs and super tapered ankles (which might be tempting to get the snug fit in the hips/legs) because they will accentuate your wider middle. For jeans, try Old Navy online and also try Macy’s charter club jeans. Other options that may work for you are “Silver” jeans. Also, experienced tailors are able to take in the butt and legs, so get a waist and proportion you generally like and try having 1 or 2 pairs tailored for the “perfect” fit. In tops, look for ones that have a bit of an a-line or swing style – those get a bit wider toward the waist as you don’t want something that is too snug through the middle. Something like this: would probably be flattering on your body shape as would:
      Good luck!!

    1. Hi Dani,

      Since your top measurements and bottom measurements are distinctly different sizes, it is better for you to just enter, for example, bust and waist to see tops… (ignoring the bottoms chart result for that) and then for bottoms, to enter waist and hips. This will give you some results.

      Since your hips are smaller than your waist you may find it difficult to find pants. I would suggest shopping for your waist size and then have the hips taken in a bit by a seamstress.

  39. OK OK. So I am a 22 at dress barn. And I typically fit well into a 2x-3x. But when I shop online it’s like a whole new sizing system because a 22 to my usual stores is like 30 online. I am just really frustrated and I can’t find clothes that fit online.

    1. Hi Holli,
      Yes, you’ve discovered something millions of women are learning. Many of the clothing items sold online, especially those coming from Asia, are not sized to *any* standard we’re familiar with despite their claims. The key to successful online shopping is to go with familiar brands in the U.S. that are more consistent. Dress Barn has a good online site as does Lane Bryant, Torrid, Just My Size, Jessica London, Macy’s (try their Inc, style and co and lucky brands), Nordstrom, Eloquii all for sizing that will feel familiar. Also check out new player “Universal Standard.” A lot of the other sites with their “too good to be true” prices… are exactly that – too good to be true.

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