Measuring Without a Cloth Measuring Tape

Printed measuring tape illustrationIf you don’t have a cloth measuring tape — don’t worry! There are simple ways to get around this problem without actually having to purchase one.

Printable tape measure

SizeCharter’s paper measuring tape can act as a measuring tape in a pinch. Simply download the template, cut at the lines indicated, and securing tape pieces together, making sure you line and match the sides up accurately. Be sure to use slightly thicker paper or handle with extreme care so that the paper does not rip while you are measuring.

In addition, you can also use a piece of string. Follow our body measurement tips but instead of using a cloth measuring tape, swap it out for a piece of string instead, like some ribbon that is around ½”. Make a little mark on the ribbon after taking each measurement, and then lay the string down on a flat surface and measure it out with a metal measuring tape. This method will take a little more time and requires greater care because of the additional step of marking the ribbon and measuring it out.

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