Styles to Flatter a Pear Body Shape

Dress for wider hips

Fit and flare dresses are flattering to “pear” shapes.

If you have a lower body that is proportionally wider than your upper body (your hips are wider than your shoulders) – you’re a pear, and you’re not alone. The pear shape is the most common body shape among women. Below, some nifty style tips that will help you dress to impress:

Perfect Bottoms for Pear Shapes


The key for great style for pear-shaped women is clean, tailored bottoms. Think flat front pants, trouser-jeans, and darker colors. Stay away from pleats, side pockets, and hip details that will add bulk to your lower half. Straight-cut pants and pants that are slightly flared are best. Avoid tapered or skinny jean styles as the narrow ankles will not balance wider hip shapes.

Other Clothing to Flatter Wider Hips

Skirt Styles

Look for skirts that sit at the natural waist, such as a-line and tulip skirts – they look great with a tucked-in top for everyday wear. Tulip skirts, especially, are particularly great for pear shaped ladies as they cinch at the waist and flow gently over the hips, hiding the stomach. Skirts that emphasize the natural waist tend to de-emphasize wider hips.


The fit-and-flare dress, with a nipped-in waist and fuller skirt, is the perfect dress for pear-shaped ladies.  Shirtdresses that belt at the waist are also good options, as they allow for more volume and detail on the upper part of your body, and the fuller skirts hide “problem areas” like stomachs and wider hips. This also allows for more comfort and easier movement as the skirt does not constrict around your hips.


Embellished tops and tops with sleeve and shoulder detail are good choices – they visually balance out a heavier lower half and draw attention to the area around your face.  In addition, keep an eye out for tops with more voluminous sleeves, such as kimono or bell sleeves that add volume to your arm and shoulder area. They create a more proportional silhouette.

In general, stay away from cropped tops as well as tops that are too loose. Tops that are too short can truncate your body at an awkward point, emphasizing your hips; tops that are too loose can hide your curves and make you look larger than you actually are. The sweet spot is fitted tops that extend just below your hipbone. They elongate your torso and, if the top is of a darker color than your bottom, can also make you look slimmer.


trench coat style

Mid-thigh length trench coat

Military jackets and trench coats are the perfect option for a pear-shaped body. These coat styles usually have structured shoulders – look especially for those with shoulder tab details. This balances out the width of your hips. Trench coats are also great because they usually come with belts, which allow you to define your waist.

In general, outerwear that is slightly longer and hits at mid-thigh is the most flattering for a pear-shaped body.

Key Accessory

The scarf, which draws attention upward and is a fun – and useful! – accent to almost any outfit.

Fabulous Wear for Pears

Pear shaped girls, the key to a great look is balance and proportion. A slimmer bottom paired with slightly more voluminous top is an easy guideline to picking outfits that will look the best on you.

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