Styles to Flatter a Rectangle or Straight Body Shape

sheath dress

Straight sheath version of the little black dress

A woman with a rectangle body shape is an extremely balanced figure type, with bust, hips, and waist all approximately the same size. This body type can play with proportion, texture, and color to create interest and curves. Here are some options:


Skinny jeans, paired with more voluminous tops, are perfect for this body shape. They add a difference in proportions and take away from an overly straight up-and-down look.


While flared skirts and a-line skirts also look nice on women with a rectangle body shape, try playing with proportion, by wearing a fuller skirt or a bell skirt made from heavier jacquard. The heavy fabric will enable the skirt to keep its shape and create curves. Embellished pencil skirts, like those with all-over patterns and textures, are also a great way to add interest.


The sky’s the limit with dresses for a straight figure – sheath dresses are very mod and work perfectly with this body shape. Think Twiggy and go for shorter lengths. In addition, try dropwaist dresses, which have are very much in fashion recently, and are great for an everyday look or, if embellished and beaded, for an evening out. Sheath dresses work well for a rectangle shaped body because they drape straight down and cover a multitude of problem areas (if any). Drop waisted dresses work well because they provide additional interest around the hip area with a kicky little flared skirt.

For heavier rectangles, shirt dresses work as well – just ensure that they fit you properly and don’t hug your hips too snugly. Shirt dresses with belts are also an excellent option, but be wary of excessive shoulder detail like epaulets, which can make your shoulders look broader than they really are.


skinny jeans for straight body

Fun ruffled top with skinny jeans and jacket.

Go wild with embellishment, frill, and ruffle – your body shape means that you can pretty much pull off anything. For younger ladies, consider the trendy cropped top. Recent iterations are slightly looser and longer, and look extremely chic with a high-waisted skirt.

For heavier rectangles, try v-neck and scoop neck tops that are a little drapier. This adds volume to your upper half, which can make your waist look smaller. Ruffles and embellishment should be concentrated around the chest area, not the shoulders.


Belted jackets and jackets with princess seams work well as they cinch at the waist, giving your silhouette more curves and a more exaggerated shape. Stay away from boxy jackets, which can be a little too rectangular – emphasizing the angles of your body and making you look like a box. Key Accessory

Statement jewelry!

Depending on what you’re wearing, a statement necklace or earring is great for the rectangular body shape. This draws attention to your face and upper body, which is where you want the attention to go anyway

Don’t Get Boxed In

Rectangle body shaped girls, have fun with color, print, and embellishment. Even heavier rectangles can carry off pattern and bold colors well when judiciously chosen.

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