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What Is SizeCharter?

About clothing sizesClothing sizes can be confusing. Not only do different brands use unique measurements, they also use different scales and units of measure.

SizeCharter is here to help. We bring you the size charts and measurements from your favorite brands, all in one place.

What Size Do You Wear?

Not sure which size to wear? Either enter your measurements and gender to find out what size you wear in every brand, or just tell us what size best fits you in your favorite brand. We’ll help you find other clothing that fits in a similar manner.  Make sure to check out the instructions on how to measure.

Our sizes are based on the official size guides for each brand. Individual clothing items may vary due to design and manufacturing differences, but the size charts can help you find the brands that best flatter your body.

To see the entire size chart for any brand, visit the brand index and choose any brand to see detailed size chart information.

Finding a Good Fit

Of course, we don’t stop there.  We bring you instructions on how to properly measure your body, tips for finding your best fit and, of course, fabulous fashion advice.

SizeCharter is continuously evolving. We are constantly adding more brands to our size database, more products and more fashion and fit tips.

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Have a suggestion or just want to get in touch with us? SizeCharter.com is part of the LoveToKnow Corp. family. You can reach us at:

Admin at sizecharter dot com

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38 thoughts on “About SizeCharter

  1. Hi! great to find this website and it is really helpful! But some website still unclear. Could you please tell me which one is the biggest? queen size, plus size and x-large. Thx!

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately, it really depends on the brand. However, Plus or Queen sizes are usually cut to be larger and more full than Extra Larges. Plus and Queen are usually similar to one another, just different names depending on the particular brand. I haven’t seen a brand that uses both.

  2. Hi there 

    I have recently bought a ralph lauren black label vest from the states.

    I ordered in size Small but the best I got was so small that I suspect that is not a regular size Small for a woman but a petit size.

    I’m a typical size Small.. I use a size 2-4 I’m dresses .. A size 6 I’m shirts and a size 2-4 I pants from ralph lauren so i just can’t understand that this is so small and short.

    I have several jackets from ralph lauren and there is no problem fitting them.

    It’s almost like it’s fitted to a child.

    at the top of the best there is the ralph lauren label and beside it a little label that says S/P.

    the measurements are 

    21.5 inches long, 

    17 inches from armpit to armpit 

    15 inches at the waistline.

    Please assist me on this matter.

    kind regards 

    Charlotte Blostrupmoen 

  3. Yes, it sounds like you received a petite small instead of a regular small. Petites are often overall smaller proportioned than non-petite sizes.

  4. Please tell me what size a 32 in 7 for all mankind jeans is equal too? For example like a size 14,15,16,17, or 18 etc. I have tried the measuring with no luck on my own. Thanks so much for your time and all your available help .

    1. Hi,
      A 32 in 7 for all mankind jeans should be approximately like a size 12 in other brands of jeans. Of course, their different cuts will fit differently. Just a note that the 32 is the largest size they make. I hope this helps.

    1. HI Victor,

      Is that size in multiple brands? If so, you might want to remeasure your foot and make sure you’re measuring from your heel to the end of your longest toe.

  5. Will there be an update to include Mountain Warehouse sizing on our list.
    You have created a great catalogue to help us buy correctly fitted garment while shopping on Line.


    1. Hi Paul,
      We’re always looking at new brands to add to the site, so we’ll take a look at Mountain Warehouse. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I’m trying to figure out Celeberty Pink Jean sizes. I wear a 14 and 32 in most sizes like Levis and Chaps and. But Celeberty Pink jeans measurements in inches for the junior size that seems closest to the size for me, size 13, are w-36″ h-41″. I haven’t been able to try them on, but the waist sounds too big and hips too small. Will that size work?

    1. Unfortunately Junior sizing tends to be cut for those who are less curvy, even in their larger sizes. So, it is unlikely you will get an ideal fit in these jeans.

  7. I order all of my clothes online. Your site is very helpful. Could you please add women’s Lilly Pulitzer, Norma Kamali and Ralph Lauren Sport size charts to your list? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks, I am glad you are finding the site useful. We are frequently adding new brands, so I will add your suggestions to our wish list! Thank you!


  8. Hello,

    In the brand index, can you tell if all the measurements mentioned are of UK or US Sizes?

    I tried finding more but could not tell if the sizes mentioned were of UK or US ones.

    It would be immensely helpful if you could clarify this small little doubt.


  9. Help! Women’s Express pants. In inches, how long are regular,, short and petite. Most manufacturers distinguish between short and petite lengths.

    1. For Michael Kors clothing a European size 38 converts to a size 8. But since this is for a coat, you may want to verify your measurements.

    1. Hi, our tool does not take inseam into account and is telling you that the waist and hip measurements of Guess petites is a good match for your size, even if not your height. This is still applicable as you may be interested in them for shorts, skirts and other bottoms. 😀

  10. Would you tell me which shirt is tapered more
    the “custom fit” or “slim fit. Would also like to know the dimensions of a 17” neck shirt in chest, length, width at approx belt line on a slim fit.

    1. Without knowing the brand, it is hard to say which fit is more tapered and what the shirt dimensions of a 17″ neck are. What brand of shirt are you looking to purchase?

  11. You need to add Melissa McCarthy. My hips are 49 and my waist is 50(apple shaped). The size charter gave me a question mark (?) for bottoms. It asked what brand fits me and it Melissa McCarthy Seven7 pencil jeans.

  12. For long sleeve women’s fleece 1/4 zip pullover tops, please tell me the arm length of petite, regular and talls. Thank you!

    1. Without knowing the brand, it is hard to say what the sleeve lengths are. What brand of fleece are you looking to purchase?

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