Styles to Flatter an Apple Body Shape

empire waist dress for apple shape

Jennifer Hudson rocking an empire waist dress

Knowing what your body shape is can be so helpful when purchasing clothes or picking out outfits. The apple body shape, in particular, can be a challenging one to shop for.

What Is an Apple Body Shape?

Ladies with an apple body shape often have thinner arms, shoulders, and legs. Weight is carried primarily around the stomach and hips, and waists are often undefined or less defined. Here are some tips and style suggestions for women with this body type.


Straight-leg and slightly flared bootcut pants create a sense of proportion with the upper half of your body; trouser-jeans are a great denim option for apple-shaped women. In addition, look for higher-waisted pants and pants with a little bit of stretch, as they have a girdle-like effect to hold your stomach in while remaining comfortable. Avoid skinny jeans, which create an unbalanced silhouette, and pleated pants, which emphasize your middle section.


Apple-shaped ladies tend to have fabulous legs – show them off! Flared and a-line skirts are best, as they nip in at the waist and create an illusion of a smaller waist. Also, try circle skirts that sit high at the waist for a fun, easy daytime outfit. The recently-popular mermaid-hem skirt is also a great option, as it sits high at the waist and flares out gently below the hips. For older women, knee-length a-line skirts work well for both day and nighttime.


Shirtdresses, wrap dresses, and dresses with a-line skirts are the best fit for this body type – just not dresses with a built-in waist. Empire-waist dresses also work well, as they skim the stomach and hips, and feature the bust and shoulders.

Dropwaist dresses can also work for thinner apple-shaped ladies, as they skim the body. Just remember to go for dropwaist dresses that fit more loosely (go up a size if needed!) so that dress is not tight-fitting around the hips.


Hip length jacket flatters an apple shape

Hip length jacket flatters an apple shape

Peplum tops are very trendy now, and fit the apple-shaped body perfectly. For larger apple-shaped ladies, go for a looser peplum, something that flares out gently from your natural waist and has a long flare sufficient to drape to hip-length.

Bustier ladies often enjoy v-neck and key hole tops, which balance out your body by showcasing your shoulders and décolletage, and elongate your upper body. Longer wrap tops are also a perfect option, as they provide an adjustable belt that will allow you to better define your waist.


Longer jackets with hems at hip level are most appropriate for this body type. Try jackets in darker shades to balance your silhouette. They should also be single-breasted and not have too many details or embellishments. Try structured jackets, like tailored blazers and coats, that nip in at the waist for a tailored and polished look. Open, waterfall cardigans that fall below the hips also work for more casual days.

Key Accessory for this Body Type

A great pair of shoes is critical. Apple-shaped ladies have amazing legs and they should show them off with a pair of fabulous heels!

Looking Your Best

The best outfit is one that you feel comfortable in and that shows off your best features. Skirts, shorts, and dresses are your best bets – with bare legs in the summer, and with tights that match the color of your shoes in the wintertime. Paired with a fitted v-neck top, it’s an easy outfit that can be dressed up with accessories.

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