Styles to Flatter an Hourglass Body Shape

Highlight an hourglass shape with a fitted waist

Highlight an hourglass shape with a fitted waist

The hourglass body shape is a one with a tiny waist, and with hips and bust approximately the same width. Many with this figure have gorgeous, womanly curves. Here are some ways to show them off:


Boot cut, straight leg, and wide leg pants look great on a curvier hourglass-shaped girl because they visually balance out your silhouette. The slight pant flare balances out the wider hips.Pick pants that are mid-rise and fit well around the hip area – consider tailoring the waist to prevent your pants from gaping unattractively in the back when seated.


Well-fitting pencil skirts and fuller circle skirts both work well. Consider ponte knits, which are heavier knits that hold their shape well, but have sufficient give and wrinkle less than cotton or wool blends. An easy outfit for any occasion is a top tucked into a skirt and belted – this emphasizes your waist and is very flattering.


Wrap dresses work well as they skim your curves – look out specifically for dresses with a little bit of Lycra content. Retro-style ‘40s and ‘50s dresses are also great because they emphasize the waist in a very flattering way. To avoid looking outdated, consider modern prints and bold colors.

hourglass clothes

A soft long collar, fitted waist and pencil skirt highlight this hourglass shape


Tailored and well-fitted tops are key – consider shirts that have nipped-in waists and tops in stretchy materials that hold your curves in.

The best necklines for an hourglass shaped figure are scoop and v-necks, to show off your bust. However, be wary of frills and ruffles at the neckline, which may be unflattering for a fuller-busted woman.  Also avoid crew neck shirts as they do not flatter an hourglass’ torso.

Fabrics like knits and silk are more suitable for hourglass-shaped ladies as they drape over your natural curves; avoid structured and heavier fabrics as they can make you look boxy.


Jackets with princess seams – long rounded seams that allow for a tailored fit to follow a woman’s shape – are key for the hourglass-shaped lady, especially with darts that emphasize the waistline. In addition, jackets should hit the top of your hip bone or mid-thigh – having a jacket right at your waist will emphasize the width of your hips. For longer or bulkier jackets, consider wearing a belt around your waist to avoid looking shapeless.

Key Accessory

The belt, to highlight the daintiest part of your waist; have fun with different belt styles and don’t be afraid to draw attention to your mid-section.

Hourglass Glamour

Hourglass-shaped girls, embrace the dress. Specifically, the wrap dress, which will do you all kinds of good and is the most effortless, chic, and darn right easy outfit to pull on. They are perfect for both day and night, just be aware of pattern and color. Do it!

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